Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours! May you have a blessed season!

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Lost Tooth

Carsten lost his first tooth yesterday! We were at school finishing up 50 cent Friday and it just fell out! He was super excited to see that the tooth fairy came last night!

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Happy Birthday Mark

We had a great day celebrating Mark’s birthday! We started with breakfast at Joe’s Farm Grill.

The Balch Brothers

The Balch Boys

Mark and Heather

Mark's breakfast at Joe's

After breakfast we went shopping for a new dishwasher! We got a Stainless Steel Whirlpool at Lowes on a great sale! It was then home to hang out. Mark went to downtown Gilbert to pick up his free lunch from Joe’s BBQ. After that we shared some cake!

Mark with his cake!

The boys with Mark before signing "Happy Birthday".

We hung out the rest of the day as a family and then got ready to go out to dinner with Mark’s parents. We ate at La Parilla Suiza! It was great food. Mark’s parents to the boys home and we went to watch Flight at the Tempe Harkins. Mark got a free popcorn because it was his birthday! It was a good way to round out the freebies! Happy Birthday Mark! We love you!

Heather and Mark before going out to dinner.

The Balch Bunch

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60 Miles, 3 Days, 1 Cause

For the past few years I have supported my mom while she goes out to these walks. I have brought her roses at the finish line, rubbed her feet at a cheering station and donated to the cause. This year…I am doing it myself!

Please support me as I take an amazing journey in the fight to end breast cancer! The Susan G. Komen 3-Day is a 60-mile walk over the course of three days. Seventy-five percent of the net proceeds raised by the Komen 3-Day help fund national research and large public health outreach programs. The remaining 25 percent helps fund local community and Affiliate support and outreach programs.

Thank you for supporting me on this journey! Please visit my participant page if you would like to make a donation!

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We went to Camp Raymond outside of Williams, AZ. It was the Wild West Cubs at Camp Raymond. We had a great time earning pins and belt loops. Here are a few pictures:

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Our Sweet Kenzie

I got Kenzie while away at college in 2000. Her first night home she slept across my neck and purred the whole night. She would ride back and forth to Tucson with me. Kenzie would jump in the air and sometimes do flips to catch a ball and she would play hide and seek with me. When she was young, her special treat was watching the toilet when it flushed. Her paws would be on the seat and she would watch the water go around. Once married to Mark, she and Bailey became sweet friends. We could tell she was sad after Bailey left us. Kenzie never hit it off with Abbie. They always stayed in separate areas of the house. We will all miss Kenzie dearly. I am so thankful that I was with her to the very last moment. She was and always will be my sweet kitty. Here are a few pictures of her.

Playing with bubbles

Best buddies!

My Sweet Kenzie

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Come Fall…Please

We can’t wait for the weather to cool down so we can get back outside. Things are going well here. Boys are both doing well in school. Carsten is trying to find his balance between socializing with friends and getting his work done. Let’s just say, he brings work that needs to be finished and couple times each week. Camden has a great teacher this year. She is flexible but demanding. It is a nice balance. Here are a few pictures since school began.

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School Days

We are finishing up our 4th week of school while most of the country is enjoying their last weekend of summer. The boys have both had a great start to the year. Carsten is in Mrs. Sanchez class for first grade and Camden is in Ms. Stine’s 4th grade class. It has taken some adjustment time to get back into the morning routine and homework. All in all it really has been a good start to the school year.

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Biosphere 2 and LaPaloma

We went to the Biosphere 2 last Saturday. We enjoyed the tour, which takes you inside the facility now. We were able to experience all five of the ecosystems that are there. We were also able to see their living quarters. Our favorite part had to be the South Lung. When the Biosphere 2 was sealed, the engineers had to find a place for all of the air to go to accommodate for higher and lower pressure. They developed a lung, which was able to contract and expand as needed depending upon the pressure in the building. The lung was located in a large dome and it was made of thin neoprene type fabric which was able to raise and lower as needed.

After the biosphere we all headed down to La PaLoma to meet my mom and Ken. We spent the weekend there in the pool swimming, going down the water slide, and watching the thunderstorms rolled by. It was a really great way to end the summer. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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July Summer Fun

We spent the 4th at home and at Mark’s parents. It was a quiet day and the weather was the best we have had all summer. We went to the AZ Science Center with our friends and had so much fun, we are going back soon! We also spent the weekend at the Hilton with Gramma Tucson! Here are some pictures to show you how much fun we had!

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