Another year is done…

The boys finished off the school year with great grades and accolades! Next school year Cam will start high school as a 9th grader and Carsten will finish up elementary school as a 6th grader. Everyone told me that it will go by in the blink of an eye, and now I believe them.

We have had a good year since I last wrote. Our trip to London was 10 unforgettable days filled with memories that will last a lifetime. After London we spent our summer trying to stay cool in the pool. We had a couple of mini-stay-cations at places near by. Camden did indeed turn into a teenager, but he is still a very good boy. I went with a friend for a short girls weekend in Texas. Just like that the summer was over.

We made some improvements to our home. We got a new roof (as we had some leaks discovered at Christmas) and we replaced all of our flooring throughout the house. We re-carpeted the bedrooms and laid wood tile in the rest of the house.

We headed south to Mexico for a little fall break stay in Rocky Point. It was a large group of three families (Balch’s, Colbert’s, and Gregory’s). It had been MANY years since both Mark and I had been there, but we were surprised with how nice everything was. It was a lovely resort condo right on the beach.

Cam continued to play in the school band and participate in the Robotics Club. The club went to a competition in Pinetop in January so our family enjoyed sledding in the snow. Cam also took an interest in archery late in the school year. He has completed the beginner class and is ready to move on to the next level. Mark has been taking the classes with him.

Carsten loved PE this year and he would get super excited on days he had it. Carsten finished his last year in Cub Scouts as a Webelo II. Mark and I were both leaders for his den and got to spend quality time with him. He has been going to the Boy Scout meetings so far, but they are not his favorite. Carsten joined Mark and Cam one day to watch an archery class and expressed an interest, so he is going to take the intro class as well.

Mark and I celebrated our 15th year of marriage this March. Mark has joined the leadership program at work and is training to become a director of a clinic in the future. I am still with HUSD. I love working and helping children and I love the team I work with.

It was an honor to celebrate Lauren’s Sweet 16! She is such a lovely girl and the day was perfect!

The most difficult time this year was saying goodbye to my grandmother. She was 92 and passed away on February 3, 2017. The entire family surrounded her with love and non-stop care for the last week of her life. We took shifts and we each spent our time with her during her last days. I will never forget laying my head in her lap crying and she began to rub my shoulder. That moment will be treasured for a lifetime. I miss her daily.

The future looks bright for the Balch Bunch. We have a trip to Hawaii planned. Maui is our island of choice. We went to Kauai four years ago. We plan to spend hours on the beach and a snorkel trip to see sea turtles.



Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge London

Fourth of July

Fourth of July











  1. Dad said,

    June 11, 2017 @ 10:16 am

    I always love reading about the Balch Bunch’s activities. It’s been a pretty good year with the exception of February.

    Love you guys so much.

  2. Daryl said,

    June 14, 2017 @ 5:24 pm

    High school?!? Impossible!

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