The Balch Burg Trip October 2014

We flew to Richmond, VA on Oct 1st bright and early in the morning. At the airport we rented a car and drove to Williamsburg. The resort was lovely and we were greeted by a toad at the front door and a frog on our patio. We spent the next few days milling around Williamsburg and Yorktown. The Colonial Passway was beautiful. We watched a reenactment of the civil war and ate at a quaint little cheese shop. One afternoon Andrea met up with us and we headed over to the Jamestowne Settlement. It was rich with history and truly great to see Andrea. We drove back to Richmond to check out her house and have dinner.
On Oct 5th we left Williamsburg and headed on to Pittsburgh. To break up the drive we stopped at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum at Dulles Airport. The Space Shuttle Discovery was our favorite! The drive was filled with rolling hills and changing leaves. We met Karen at the Westend Overlook for our first view of downtown. Our stay was filled with fun including a tour of Heinz Field and a ride on the Just Ducky Tour Boat. We enjoyed visiting with Karen, Noah, Damon and of course their cats as well!

It was Tuesday when we headed to Hamburg to meet up with Heather’s mom and Ken at Traci & Lee’s house. We spent many of our free moments going on walks to the barn to visit the horses or getting in a few extra steps after a good meal, with some possum sliding and furniture moving thrown in to keep things exciting! Our family dinners were spent laughing and celebrating with Kristine, Hank, Addy, Griffin, Gma Pat, Ryan, Lyn, Leah and many friends we met too!
We took a day trip over to Niagara Falls and boy were we cold! We watched a guy make huge bubbles and ate under an ultra-sonic bird repellent. The Sky Wheel provided views we had never seen. A stop by the wax museum let us bump into the Obama’s! The animal park was a lot of fun! The animals followed us around in the tram and opened their mouths to let us pour in the food! Ken might have kissed a camel!
To celebrate Wanda’s 60th and Ken’s 75th birthdays we enjoyed a dinner cruise down the river. The Grand Lady fed us a wonderful meal and we danced the night away!
This Burg Trip was a HUGE success and will never be forgotten!

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