Pagosa Springs Part 2

It sure took me long enough to finish off this vacation.

On Tuesday (6/17) we stayed at the resort, played sports, had lunch at a cafe we could walk to and had dinner at home. We took part in resort activities including painting butterflies.

On Wednesday (6/18) we got up early and drove to Durango to catch the train to Silverton. The 3 hour and 45 min train ride was just about 45 min too long. After lunch and some shopping in Silverton, we took the bus ride home, which was only an hour and 45 min. It actually snowed while we were on the bus. We enjoyed the beautiful sites ob our whole trip!

On Thursday (6/19) we drove to and hiked Piedra Falls. The waterfall was gorgeous, and while it was quite a drive out there, we had the place to ourselves! When we got home we played Monopoly, went to Bogey Q’s for dinner. It is a neat little restaurant with mini-golf, a playground for the boys, and corn hole! Lots of fin, and the BBQ wasn’t bad either.

On Friday (6/20) we went to Wild Animal Rescue Park. They had a big grizzly bear there that they tempted out of his den with a Reese’s and some grapes. Really surprised us how big he was. It was a nice little place and we had some cats to acts as tour guides. The we went souvenir shopping in downtown Pagosa Springs, grabbed lunch at Subway,and started to drive home. We stopped in Farmington and then headed on to dinner at Virges Mexican Restaurant in Gallup.

We drove the rest of the way home on Saturday.

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  1. Dad said,

    December 20, 2014 @ 5:05 pm

    I was hoping you would finish it off. You guys have so much fun on your trips.

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